Country Overview


    The word India is inherited by the word 'indu' refers to a civilization which resides nearby the Indus River. India's culture and heritage are a rich amalgam of the past and the present. India offers the visitors a view of fascinating religions and ethnography, a vast variety of languages with more than 438 living languages and monuments that have been present for thousands of years.

    Communal strife

    India also known as "Bharat" officially "The Republic of India" is the largest country in the Indian Subcontinent and the largest democracy in the world. India share its borders with Pakistan, Nepal, China, Sri-Lanka and Indonesia.

    India is the seventh largest country in the world by area and second in population. India is an extremely diverse country with cast differences in climate, ethnicity, geography and culture across its expanse.

    At a glance

    Currency: The official currency of India Indian Rupee known as INR which is equivalent to 63 US Dollar approximately (As of Feb 2015).INR is the 'only' currency accepted throughout the country.

    Politics: India pride itself on being the biggest democracy on the Earth. A parliamentary republic with a multi-party system, India became a republic nation in late 1950s. The current Prime Minister of India is Narendra Modi, elected recently.

    Economy: The Indian economy is worth US$2.47 trillion which is the eleventh largest economy by market exchange rates and third in the purchasing power parity 'PPP' in the world. India is one of the world's fastest growing economies.

    Wagah Border Visit

    Forget the changing the guard routine in London, The Wagah Border Ceremony is way all the more fascinating. As the sun goes down, the retreat Ceremony at the Border of India and Pakistan begins. Trumpets are sounded from both of the sides, Guards from both sides step their feet as hard as they could, attempting to get one-up one another. It is as energizing as viewing the cricket match of India and Pakistan.

    Eat Rich Indian Food

    Indian cuisine is superb, takes its place among the great cuisines of the world. Most of the time you may find it good and spicy. There is a good chance that you might have tasted "Indian Food" in your own country, but you must know that what India has exported abroad is just one part of its extraordinary range of culinary diversity. The best way to enjoy the rich, spicy and colorful Indian food is to go out on the streets and have a meal at these small road-side restaurants, which in India are known as "DHABA". They offer great food at a very fair price and they are the only option if you want to taste the local food.

    Mumbai local train ride

    Well here comes the adventure, seriously it is. That's the beauty of India, that makes a simple train ride an adventure, which is a must do thing if you are visiting India. All you need to do is just buy a ticket for a local train ride in Mumbai and you are all set. Now in the peak hours, you might get dazed by looking at the crowd or we must say, your fellow passengers. Don't worry about how to get in, the crowd will help you out with that. While you are in, you can hear all the conversations like sports, economy and Bollywood and get to know about their lives. The biggest wonder of the journey is how the people survive the journey, clinging on the barest of metal pieces they can get their hands on.

Take a dip at Sangam

    Sangam is a site of religious as well as national importance. This is place where three important rivers of India meet, The Yamuna, the Holy Ganges (Ganga) and the hypothetical Sarasvati. This is the site where Kumbh mela take place in every 12 years. According to the Hindu mythology, a dip in Sangam is said to wash away all of your sins, but even if you don't believe in all the spiritual talk, a dip in the water of Sangam will definitely help you refresh your mind, body and soul.

    Tour of Old Delhi and chandani chowk

    This is the place you get to feel the beat of Delhi. As you go through restricted avenues loaded with individuals, you begin think about how individuals can live in such a disorganized spot. Anyhow soon enough, you experience passionate feelings for the disorder and the enthusiasm of the spot. While in Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk range, don't miss a visit to Paranthe Wali Gali, lip smacking Mutton Burra at Karim's, conventional Indian desserts and a visit to Jama Masjid. A rickshaw ride finishes the experience. You will be left excited by the way rickshaw puller goes through the swarm.

    Corbett National Park Safari

    A meeting with the wild side of nature is dependably an energizing experience. Corbett National Park can most likely give an exciting meeting with the wild of India. It is one of the oldest national parks of the nation, and positively a stand-out amongst the most prominent. Leave on an untamed life safari here, either in a jeep or on an elephant. You can spot a few wild creatures here including tigers, leopards and such a lot more.

    A Walk Across the Living Root Bridge

    More than 90% of Indians are unaware about this natural ponder that exists in the rainforests of Cherapunji. Cherapunji is one of the wettest places on earth and is perfect for the growth of rubber trees. The local tribes of the area grow these trees and use the roots of these trees as bridges to cross the numerous waterways that move through the district. Strolling on these bridges, which are a blessing from nature, is a totally magnificent experience. What's significantly more amazing is the way the roots of these trees are controlled to grow in the right direction.

Valley of Flowers – Beautiful/understatement

Do you believe in pixies and Wonderland? In case if you don't then the Valley of Flowers will make you have faith in them. The National Park and a World Heritage Site is spotted in the state of Uttarakhand, nestled in the midst of the glorious treks in Himalayas. The myriad shaded flowers are an ethereal experience supplemented by fog covered peaks. Nanda Devi National Park deceives to the east of Valley Flowers the area to imperiled species as well, such as snow leopard and Asiatic Black Bear.

Embrace Spirituality

Talking of most profound sense of being, you simply can't forget the delightful Varanasi. While here, think about taking a stroll from Dashashwamedh Ghat to Assi Ghat. The Dashashwamedh Ghat stays crowded most times of the day. Be that as it may that shouldn't deflect your soul. Truth be told, viewing the religious ceremony which happens each night at 7 is an absolute necessity have experience. As you stroll from Dashashwamedh to Assi, you run over a few little ghats, where individuals are seen loving the Ganges, and some saying their last farewells to their departed friends and family.

Ramlila at Ramnagar -Watch it with the sadhus

    Viewing traditional Ramlilas is an incredible experience. Seeing scarcely prepared performing artist'sdorn the part of loved figures in Hindu Mythology for around 20 days of the provincial kind. Taking this experience to an entire new level is the Ramlila at Ramnagar, Varanasi. The crowd here could be anyplace somewhere around 1,000 and 10,000, which incorporate Sadhus too in their customary clothing. It is similar to viewing a Broadway show live.

    Zing-zingbar - Perfect stop before a lofty climb

    The name of the spot may delude you. It is very little a bar, yet an army camp where you can snatch a couple of snacks and beverages while you are on a Ladakh biking outing. The supposed bar lies at the base to the street ascent of Barchalala Pass. It is a decent pit-stop where you can visit with the army men or simply respect the excellence of encompassing you.

    Holi at Vrindavan – Revel in the shades of delight

    Holi is a celebration which is a special experience in India. While most places in India praise the celebration for just a day, in the event that you love the color of celebrations, Vrindavan is the spot to be. Holi is celebrated for a whole week here, in the midst of crowd thronging the different temples devoted to Lord Krishna here. While you can encounter the regular Holi celebration with colors here, consider playing the Lath Maar holi when in Vrindavan; or one with flowers

    Yoga – Simply restoring

    Spotted on the banks of River Ganges, settled in the midst of the great Himalayas is Parmath Niketan in Rishikesh. There is something about this spot which invites you to ponder nature and find a sense of contentment with yourself. Regardless of the possibility that spirituality is the last thing in your brain, try an early morning yoga session here. You will love the experience.

Go to the Bihu Festival in Assam

    While in Assam, keep in mind to go to the Bihu festival, if you arrive there at the right time. Bihu festival is the festival of Assam, and happens three times in a year, in the months of January, April and October. The celebration praises the social legacy of the land furthermore the farming seasons of the place. The one that happens in April is the brightest of the package as it represents the onset of spring season.

    Orchha - A tryst with history

    If you love investigating history, a visit to the town of Orchha is an unquestionable requirement. The town is placed in the Bundelkhand region in Madhya Pradesh, on the banks of the Betwa River. There is an old fort here, and a sanctuary to explore also. It may not be a quintessential touristy experience, yet in any case, a memorable one.

Be a part of magnificent festivals at Krishna

Mathura is the hometown of Lord Krishna as indicated by Hindu Mythology. Also it is here you get to experience the celebrations of Krishna Janamashtmi in all its intensity and splendor. Scores of individuals throng the temple of Lord Krishna, which are decorated delightfully. People can be seen singing hymns and delighting in the festive environment. Regardless of the possibility that you are not the religious kind, you will love this experience

Gastronomical Tour of Lucknow

Delhi is by all account not the only place in India acclaimed for its gastronomical pleasures. For a tryst with the royal food of India, head to Lucknow and taste the different indulgences of the locale. Test the biryani of the region and the different kebabs. Talking of the kebabs, don't pass up a great opportunity for Tunde ke Kebab. A piece of the Awadhi Cuisine, the kebabs are made of succulent minced meat, prepared with in excess of 160 flavors. Tunde ke Kebab has a legacy of over a century.

    Stay in a Shikara in Dal Lake – Bollywood scenes

    You may have stayed in the best extravagance lodgings on the planet, however nothing can beat the experience of staying in a Shikara in Dal Lake. There are houseboats in the Dal Lake which go again to the eighteenth century. They have perplexing wood carvings and illustrious insides, with all the services you can anticipate from the best hotels on the planet. The excellence of the Dal Lake which encompasses you is epic.

    Chadar Trek

    Having trekking experience in Ladakh is an absolute necessity. There are simple treks and a portion of the more troublesome ones to be had.If you have the strong level of fitness, consider taking the Chadar Trek when in Ladakh. The trek can be taken in the months of January and February, and you get to trek over the solidified Zanskar River. There are excellent valleys and some remote towns to be crossed on the far as well. An ethereal experience is the thing that portrays it best.

Kedarnath Temple – trek & spiritual experience

Call it a journey or an energizing trek in the Himalayan locale, in any case, it is an energizing experience. The Kedarnath Temple is found close to the Mandakini River, and pulls in a huge number of travelers consistently. You have to take a laborious 14 km trek beginning from Gaurikund to reach the temple. The Kedarnath temple is opened to public in general in the month of April till the time around Dusshehra.

A religious landmark - Golden Temple Amritsar

    While you visit the Wagah Border, remember to visit the Golden Temple- a structural wonder and a religious epicenter of the nation. The landmark saw some grieved times amid the Blue Star operation, yet nothing has taken away the deep spiritualityof the spot. The construction modeling of this landmark has impacts of Hindu, Muslim and European culture. A dip in the lake here is restoring, while the langar served here is lip smacking.

Drive on Zuluk Loops - Feel the adrenaline surge

    In the event that you are searching for energizing road trips in India, don't miss a drive on the Zuluk circles. Placed in the Eastern Sikkim area, Zuluk Loops are precisely that- winding streets in the midst of winding hills. Take in the view which encompasses you and experience the wind in your face as you go through the slopes.

    Khajuraho Trip – Where passion is not a sin

      Khajuraho is the spot which gave India the name "The Land of Kamasutra." The sensual rock carvings of the temples here are anarchitectural delight and also an image of love and passion. Accompanied your special somebody to Khajuraho or simply investigate the spot alone- it is loaded with mystery and a side to India which has becomelost in the moderntransition of today's times.

    Play Elephant Polo in Rajasthan

      Rajasthan is about all things doing in the royal way. So how could a round of polo stay behind? Yet there is something more diverse in store here than the ordinary horse polo, it is elephant polo. Get on an elephant and attempt to take the ball to the goal. You have guides for bail you out. It doesn't make a difference who wins or loses. It is an extraordinary experience to be a part of.

      Unwind in a House Boat in Kerala-You will Love

      Houseboats in Dal Lake, Srinagar are a hypnotizing experience. The ones in Kerala are not very far behind either. While a house boat in Kerala may lack in rich decor, it more than compensates for it with the serenity that encompasses it. Staying in the midst of thick foliage, with the most customized services is precisely the sort of break you require from the stressedschedules of today.

Rural Olympics Punjab – Back to the Basics

    Disregard the Olympics. Punjab plays host to something a great and additionally energizing, rustic, consistently. Kila Raipur, a little town in Ludhiana, wakes up in the middle of February and March every year, as it plays host to a games festival Punjabi style. Several individuals throng to this fair, some to watch while others to take part.

    Visit to Bodh Gaya - It edifies you as well

      This is the place Gautama Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment. Visit Mahabodhi Temple, which is viewed as a standout amongst the most vital Buddhist temples. Revel at the spirituality of the spot or simply talk with the local Buddhist monk which live at the place. In any case, it is an alternate sort of experience you get here.

Adrenaline with a Camel Safari in Jaisalmer

    Talking of having a fabulous time in the desert, you can't let camel safari out of the picture. Jaisalmer is one of the best places to go on a camel safari in Rajasthan. There are camel safaris accessible for distinctive spans, and more the term, the better the experience. For a definitive experience however, think about taking as a night camel safari. Viewing the wonderful nightfall, while riding a camel takes you once more to the times of Alif Laila.

    Feel the Music with a Garba Dance in Vadodra

    Come Navaratris, and Vadodra in Gujarat wakes up with myriad shades and resonances of drums. Garba is a dance formnative to the region, where men and in addition ladies in brilliant clothing dance to rhythms, with dandiyas in their hands. It could likewise be a fun method for reaching somebody special for the people who are single. Put your dancing shoes on and give for it a shot.

    Drink Fenny in Goa – And get high!

    A Goan experience is not pretty much the sun, the sand and the ocean. It is likewise about Fenny- the local jazzed up beverage of the Goans. Fenny, or Feni, is made by maturing either cashews or coconut. It is said to have an inebriating impact within minutes and can give you quitea high. Verify you are with a reliable gathering of friends however while you choose to give Fenny a shot or rather, take a small shot of Fenny.

    Experience spirituality at the Haji Ali Dargah

    Found in Mumbai, on the Worli Coast is the Haji Ali Dargah. The landmark goes back to 1431 and attracts in scores of pilgrims and additionally tourists consistently. The vitality of the music that plays here throughout the day gets you energized and cheerful about life. It is said that whatever you wish for at Haji Ali works out. Have something in your heart which you sincerely need to work out as expected? Give for it a shot!

Visit the Taj Mahal - The Epitome of Love

At the point when listing the things one must do in India, you can't forget Taj Mahal. Built in the seventeenth century, this white marble landmark pulls in a huge number of visitors from everywhere throughout the world. It is the encapsulation of love as the world knows it. While a visit to Taj Mahal whenever of the day is refreshing, consider going there during night, ideally on a full moon night. The charges are somewhat higher for night visits, however it is justified regardless of the experience.

Visit Hampi- The place that is known for a Celebrated Kingdom

Placed in Karnataka is the authentic Hampi town, home to the recent Vijayanagar Empire. You get to stroll in the midst of the remnants of the empire in this town, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are intriguing temples, a few waterfalls and captivating history to be investigated here.