Luxury Destination travel services Inc. is your compact traveling service agency. Set within the heart of downtown Chicago (IL) and serving all of your travelling needs since 1985. Chic five-star traveland tailor made adventure packages, including cruise with Virtuoso Voyagers Club benefits and destination weddings along with splendid honeymoon packages and private villa rentals, are some of our expertise.
Furthermore, we have built a strong reputation in the traveling industry for providing the best fares and benefits for your front-of cabin and business international flights.
Being a member of the elite Virtuoso travel consortium, we at Luxury Destination can assure that you will have all the advantages and perks that one can rarely get ifthey were to plan the package on their own.


Knowledge of our field along with providing top-notch customer services is our mantra.
Being your travel planner, we at Luxury Destinationlisten to you first. When you are travelling with us, our travel advisors will make sure that everything runs smoothly throughout your travel, handling any hiccups so you can enjoy your leisure time.


All folks on team Luxury Destination is travel enthusiastic, we actively trip throughout the globeto find the best places for you to give you the best travel experience ever.
Everyone at Luxury Destination are energetic experts, dedicated to frame the best trips that exceed your expectationsand provide you the best value for money experience in the market.
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our team

  • Mark Johnson

    Has been managing in our London office since 2001. His passion for travel was the main reason of starting working in a tourism agency after he had a degree in Art History. Turkey, Croatia, Morocco and Egypt are like his home countries. m.johnson@luxurydestinations.net
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  • Helen Tompson

    Has been managing in our San Francisco office since 1999 when she's started her career as a travel consultant. She is an expert in Bahamas, Hawaii and Mexico. h.tompson@luxurydestinations.net
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  • Bradley Grosh

    Planning vacations to Myanmar and Cambodia are his favourite. He is always eager to learn and explore, and inform his clients with the new offers. b.grosh@luxurydestinations.net
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  • Alise Puse

    She is a honeymoon vacation expert. Just tell her what kind of holiday you're looking for and she'll make it happen! a.puse@luxurydestinations.net
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  • Adam Simon

    Are you looking for some information about India. Contact Adam now! His past and present travel experiences will help you to explore India. a.simon@luxurydestinations.net
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  • Alice Devon

    Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar are her favourite destinations. She joined our team in 2009 and since then she's had many happy clients travelling around Asia. a.devon@luxurydestinations.net
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  • Marissa Chris

    Has re-defined luxury travel with her knowledge and experiences. She'll help you to find out what luxury travel really is. m.chris@luxurydestinations.net
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  • Kim Kate

    Has been a travel specialist since 2002. She has incredible knowledge about cruise vacations. k.kate@luxurydestinations.net
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